This tool is an interactive command line framework kinda tool, which is use to get biological sample with scraping. it does not requires any programming skill to run. evry module is explained and available in help menu. Note that this tool is completely based on web-scraping from trusted websites. any changes occurance on that website will make this tool completely useless. so, basically this tool is not stable for forever. but still i will keep maintaining this tool.


Features Details Examples
Set use for setting id, item type, doc type etc Options.set. set id=1798174254 type=nuccore doc=html report=genbank
Get use for getting the data after setting creds with set. Options.get. get gene , get sequence , get comment , get all
Search use for searching for any term available searchd /roma52 or searchl /roma52
Clear use for clearing the console as usual cls
FTP* use for getting any data files from ftp
Options use to get options for selected module options
Help use to get all available help options help
Visualize+ use to open the scrapping page on browser if something is not working visualize
Exit use to exit the console exit

(+) options are under development

Set Options

Options Details Examples
ID NCBI use separate IDs for all data, so we can use the IDs to get required data, You can get the IDs of any species by searchl command. set id=<ID here>
Item Type NCBI use specific name for every category of species data you want to get. Item.type. set <Item Value>
Report Type NCBI use specific report type for different purposes set <Report Name>
Document Type NCBI use html and text format. NOTE: there is no CUSTOM get option available for text format. it will give whole page at once. set <doc type> html(custom options) or text(all)

Item-type Informations

Item Details Values
Nucleoid use to get nucleotide samples and other infos. nuccore
Genes use to get Genes samples and other infos. gene
Protein use to get Protein samples and other infos. protein
Probe use to get Probes infos. probe
Popset use to get Popset infos. popset

Report-type Informations

Reports Details Values
Genbank use to get nucleotide samples and other infos. genbank
FASTA use to get Genes samples and other infos. fasta

Get Options

Options Details Examples
Name Use to get db based name of species. get name
Introduction Use to get introduction of species. get intro
Comments Use to get comment on the report. get comment
Gene Use to get gene of the selected species. get gene
Stem Loop Use to get Stem Loop of the report. get stem-loop
Peptide Use to get Peptide of the report. get peptide
CDS Use to get CDS of the report. get cds
Source Use to get Source of the report. get source
All Use to get complete page in text format of report. get all

Search options

To search All detailed summary of search term:

searchl <ITEM VALUE> <TERM>

To search All IDs of search TERM:

searchd <ITEM VALUE> <TERM>
Item Details Values
Nucleoid Use to search nucleotide samples and their list. nuccore
Genes Use to search samples and other infos. gene
Protein Uses to search Protein samples and other infos. protein
Probe Uses to search Probes lists. probe
Popset Uses to search Popset lists. popset